Welcome on MOF+

MOF+ is intended to become a complete web resource for the construction of MOFs and related framework materials (COFs, ZIFs ...). You can browse and search nets (better embeddings, which we refer to as "blueprints") as well as the corresponding available MOF structures. After some hard work we have recently extended the functionality to allow registered users to use the Reverse Topological Approach (RTA) to generate new structures and to extend the database, making MOF+ a community driven repository.

In order to fully use MOF+ (generate new structures) and exploit all features we ask you to register (see our terms of use and our privacy regulations).

The motivation behind MOF+ was mainly driven by the wish of ourselves to have a simple to use search engine to screen the vast amount of publicly available topologies on RCSR (and EPINET) in the particular way we need it for the RTA. Note that we not at all intend to become a "competitor" to the great RCSR page. All nets shown on MOF+ will have a clear indication with a direct link were they come from. The vast majority of embeddings stems from RCSR, which is always clearly indicated. Recently we began to add derived embeddings by ourselves. If you are an experimentalist and crystallographer and you are mainly interested in the network deconstruction we actually recommend to have a look at RCSR, since there you might find the better and more complete descriptions. Our idea is to combine a rather elaborate and fine grained search on what type of vertex is connected to which, with our AAD classification scheme. In addition, we wanted to see the nets in 3D with the ability to directly rotate them on the screen.

As a natural next step, also the resulting frameworks are collected in a database and we have recently realized the possibility for the users to generate new MOFs (and COFs etc.) by choosing network topology and building blocks (inorganic and organic) themselves. The numerical calculations will be performed on our servers. The users will be informed on the website hen the calculation is finished and the structure is ready for inspection and download in the database. Note however, that these structures will be visible to all (registered) users in the sense of a community project. Please also note that our system is not entirely bulletproof and some calculations might fail. The computations are performed on a special queue on our compute servers and depending on the interest this can lead to delays.